Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Days, 30 Things To Be Thankful For - Part 2

{If you missed the challenge post, you can find it here}

30 Days of things to be thankful for.

I've decided to do my post as a list of 10 things (vs. a new post every day), breaking the list into 3 parts.
If you're doing the challenge to, you can do whatever you like.
I will include a spot to link-up your blog/posts on each of mine.

So here are 11-20:

11. a tradition

christmas & christmas eve.
We spend the 24th with my family,
 and the 25th with my husband's family.
And now we will be spending the morning of the 25th at home, with our little family. 

12. a gadget

I was going to say my laptop. But I'm pretty sure it's not a 'gadget', and I happened to look up from the screen, scanning my home for actual gadgets.
The butane/long reach lighter.
I can not use a regular ol' bic lighter.
It's physically impossible for me to figure it out.
So a big thanks to the person who also couldn't use them, and thought up the long reach lighter.

13. something old

The furniture I have that was my Nini's.
I have her china cabinet, and I also have her vanity table, which I am using as a desk. 
I also have some books of hers, including her Bible.

14. something new

My suv.
Ain't she purdy? 
I love all the space she gives us, and we can all fit in without sitting in the dash or trunk.
(Unless we want people in the trunk area)

15. a recipe

Fudge. Like my Nini used to make. Because it's so dang good!

16. an experience

Having a baby.
Being a parent is pretty awesome.

17. a store

They have pretty much everything.
Minus the riff-raff of the local Walmart.

18. a saying/quote/scripture

Genesis 31:49

19. a favorite piece of clothing 

I don't have a 'favorite' per-say, but right now, with the weather being cold, I love hoodies.
My fav. is this pink VS one I have, that's getting to be too small, but I wear it anyway. It comes down nice and long (so you could wear it with yoga pants). I just don't like hoodies that sit at the waist.

20. a keepsake

A pin I have.
It is a little blue bird that was my Nini's.
I pinned it to my bouquet on my wedding day.
I'm also thankful for all of the family pictures I have.
They are a nice keepsake as well.

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