Friday, August 31, 2012

Bills & Budget Binder

Hello Hello!
I wanted to do a quick post about the newest project I'm working on.
A Bills and Budget Binder.
I think the 2 go hand-in-hand, don't you?

Anyway - I saw a pin on pinterest about making a bills binder, instead of filing everything away.
And it seems like a pretty good idea. And, since it is almost September, I can give it a trial run, and if it's working, we can use it for next year! Yay for thinking ahead.
I would recommend you read the original post first {here}.
And, if you think it could work for your family, awesome!
I am working on putting together my binder now {as I type there are several files minimized waiting for printing}.  I really like her set up, but there are several items I actually file, but would still like a record of payment in the binder as well (like Mortgage payments - We 'auto pay' and don't receive monthly statements, so I file all of our quarterly statements for safe keeping).  I'll also keep files for each of our accounts, for the account information, any policy changes, etc ... but now the files won't have to be crammed full of bills and monthly statements. 
Anyway, I am working on some printables, that I will share with you once I have them made.
You can find them all {here}!

Right now there are some calendar pages up, so if you'd like to make a binder, feel free to print anything you'd like to use.
 - Personal Use Only Please-

I'll post an update once I've created our binder.
(And, I'll also work on the Pantry posts ... )

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