Friday, July 20, 2012

Project : Mini blinds

Ok, so this was a project that really doesn't need a post. Seriously, how hard is it to put up blinds? We're having a harder time finding the other two blinds we need. 
{18" wide, 1" vinyl blinds, white, room darkening}
But, this was one of our projects to tackle - so here it is. 

Our old blinds were/are metal and don't work properly. They get stuck all the time, so you could never open them up. So we wanted to replace them with something that did work, and was fairly cheap, but would look nice. Having children means we will probably be replacing them. Several times over the years. 
The project only took them about an hour, and cost less than $15 for the blind on the center window (I haven't been able to find the smaller ones).
ps - our house is messy. It's a side effect of having a baby. Sort of.

Baby is supervising for me.

 1 window done. With blinds I can actually raise and let light in.

Our projects to tackle :
Front flower beds & sidewalk
Front porch lights
Ceiling fans in the 2 bedrooms
Lower baby's crib
Pantry cabinet for the kitchen
Build a workbench for J
Replace kitchen sink faucet
Buy and replace living room mini-blinds

{Replace broken microwave}

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