Thursday, July 12, 2012

Project : Beautify the front yard

Something that has really bugged my husband and I since we moved in was our front yard. We've done little things here and there (like weeding and planting some bushes), but the yard truly was horrible when we moved in. 

Seriously, we bought our house in mid-May a year ago, and the sellers didn't even mow the grass. Ever. It was about 3 1/2 feet tall and looked like a hay field. 
I really wish I had a "before" picture, of what the yard was like when we pulled in, but I didn't get one (pregnancy brain) - but you still get the idea: 

J tried weed eating the rough spots around the sidewalk & front yard, then his brother tried push mowing some of it, then we gave up and got my brother to mow it with the commercial zero-turn mower. 
The front was in rough shape. The flower beds were a mess, the sidewalk was barely a path to the door, there was no 'landscaping' done, shutters were missing ... We had quite a list.  We had already replaced the broken bay window, replaced all the shutters with new ones, and done a little landscaping in the front yard, so we just needed to tackle the flower beds and sidewalk, and I wanted some new porch lights put up. We still need to work on the porch itself, but that can wait until the cooler fall weather, thank you.  

Tuesday was our "project start date", so we surveyed the yard and figured out what we would like, then we made a Walmart & Lowes run to get everything we thought we would need (yeah right) - weed killer, mulch, stepping stones, landscape fabric, some new yard tools, the front porch lights (and a few grocery items)... 
We sprayed weeds, they didn't die, so we trimmed pushes, pulled weeds, pulled weeds, pulled weeds, and oh yeah, pulled weeds {Some of the over abundance of weeds could have been due to my not weeding the flower bed much while I was pregnant, maybe}. And after several hours days, another trip to Lowes, and some help, we have a beautiful front yard, it just took a lot of elbow grease and hard work. There are still some things we would like to do eventually, but for now, it's pretty great.

How most of the flower bed looked before ...
A truck load ... Just one of our Lowes trips

Re-setting the pavers lining the flower bed

The new 'path' to the water hose

The 'new' front sidewalk. We just reset the stepping stones.

So pretty ... 

The new front porch lights. 

What do you think?
Any suggestions of anything else we should do out front?
We placed my bird bath in the flower bed, and I'm planning to add some flowers next spring.

Our projects to tackle :
Front flower beds & sidewalk
Front porch lights
Ceiling fans in the 2 bedrooms
Lower baby's crib
Pantry cabinet for the kitchen
Build a workbench for J
Replace kitchen sink faucet
Buy and replace living room mini-blinds

{Replace broken microwave}


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    1. Thanks :)
      I'm hoping to plant some tulips next Spring, and I was debating putting a few of those solar lights near the sidewalk, I'm thinking they might help at night.


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