Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last Week

So you may or may not have noticed my blog was a little MIA for the last week or so. That was partially intentional. I intended to be "away" from June 30-July 9 for a "vacation", but alas - plans change. 

We happened to have many a thing going on last week. My brother got married last weekend, so we were getting everything ready for that, which is where I was Friday and Saturday.
We also happen to live on the east coast - specifically the part slammed by a freak storm, leaving us without power Friday night until Saturday night. My in-laws live nearby, and didn't get power back until Monday evening, so they were staying with us some, as well as my grandparents-in-law, and uncle-in-law. So Sunday night we had 9 people, a baby, and a dachshund in our house. Things were a little not normal at home. 
My husband also took time off work so we could have a 'vacation' together. Granted, we only planned to be around the house getting things done, celebrating the holiday, and hopefully taking a little day trip - it was time away from work and together. We made no plans to take a big trip anywhere, traveling to the grocery with a 5 month old is a challenge, I can imagine what preparing for an actual vacation would be like. Although, there was talk Saturday that maybe we should take a trip somewhere, just to get away from the heat and power outages {That wouldn't have done any good, since we got power back anyway. And my brother had to drive for almost 6 hours before they could find a hotel for the night}. 
So, that is where I have been. Dealing with a wedding, power outage, and spending some time with my family. 

Luckily we didn't have any damage from the storm, just some debris and no power (in the 100 degree heat). As for the wedding and our vacation - those are posts to come.  

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