Sunday, July 8, 2012

A June Wedding

Last weekend my brother got married to his wonderful girlfriend of over 5 years.
The whole weekend made for a perfect story they can tell their children one day.
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We had been experiencing a brutal heatwave (and, still are). Temperatures in the 100's. And they had an outdoor wedding at my parent's farm. This was an event with months and months (and months and months...) preparation. Gorgeous dress, suits and ties, tent rental, tables chairs and linens, a dj, catering, you name it, they thought of and prepared for it. 

Friday was set-up day. Sarah and her family and friends got to the farm super early to set up the decorations and get stuff ready before the rehearsal dinner that night, and to try to beat the 100 degree heat wave. Everything looked amazing when my mom and I got there (we're slow moving, especially with a baby). 

Awesome right? Their wedding colors were blues and yellows, with touches of white and silver. The tents had lights in them, with tulle and hanging lantern-type decorations. 

Then we had a wedding rehearsal, and a cook-out dinner with both sides of the family. 

And, what's a rehearsal dinner without cake? 

We hung out, ate, and went on our merry ways until tomorrow. 
Some people were coming back in the morning to work on any finishing touches, like putting out linens and place settings, the rest would meet up in the afternoon to get ready. 
That was before freak-storm 2012 hit us. Hard.

J and I actually got 'home' at a decent time. He met me at the farm after work for the rehearsal and dinner, then left a bit before me so he could get a haircut from his grandfather, and took baby with him. We saw tons of lightning on our way home, but we both just thought it was heat lightning. Wrong. Our power went out at 10:30 that night, and was out for about 24 hours. So I got to do my nails in the dark, and we couldn't shower or anything. 
The next morning (Saturday) we woke up to a powerless house, and had to get ourselves ready to leave, baby ready to go stay with his grandparents, and deal with the power outage, that hit almost everyone. We had no power. My in-laws had no power. My parents had no power. Sarah's family had no power. All the hotels in the area that had power were fully booked. But guess where did have power - the farm
Guess what else the farm had. Heavy winds Friday night that destroyed the hard work from Friday. Yes, it was mostly fixable, but it just wasn't the same. The main tent had to be re-tightened down. The food tent had fallen down and was shredded on one side. And all the pretty hanging decorations had disappeared. I really felt bad for Steven and Sarah, they had worked so hard on getting stuff ready, just to have to deal with that the morning of their wedding. 
They got everything setup as best they could with what they had, and in the end everything turned out wonderful. Nobody knew the difference. Well, except those of us who knew what it was like the night before. But it was still beautiful.
The girls got their hair done. Sarah and I, with the help of my family, worked on setting the tables. Sarah's sisters, best friend, and family started arriving to get ready, as well as the DJ, caterer, and the cake, and we did our last minute setup (putting out flowers, etc...) before coming inside to get ourselves ready. Hair in place, makeup put on, touch ups on our nails, and getting our dresses and shoes on, including a shoe swap. Then dressing Sarah.

She and Steven did a great job at 'staying apart' before the wedding. I wasn't around during the 7am re-setup, so I'm sure they probably saw each other then, but once she returned with her hair done, they stayed apart. I think it made that moment Steven saw her all the more special. Her hair and makeup done up, in her gorgeous dress, walked down the aisle by her father.
 She was his bride, and he her groom. 

Their day was beautiful, despite the looming thunderstorm that blew over us right as their ceremony was taking place. {It really was beautiful. Dark clouds with the sun peaking through, and a few drops of rain right before we walked outside, with nothing else the entire evening}

As Sarah said, it would make for a great story to tell their children some day. A freak tornado took down their wedding decorations and tent the night before, and they got married in a thunderstorm. 

But they got married. 

Over 5 years of dating.
A 13 month engagement.
A happy beginning to the rest of their lives. 

Flowers: Blue hydrangeas, yellow roses, white roses.
Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal - Style 83312 Cornflower Blue.
Bride's Gown: Maggie Sottero - Karena Royale, Ivory.

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