Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting Organized : Warranty Receipts and Product Manuals

I have been working on organizing our paperwork around the house, making things easier to find, clearing out what I know we don't need to keep, working on a 'family binder' for us; all kinds of projects.

So, here is how I chose to organize our product warranty information, and our product manuals.

To organize the manuals, I used an expandable file and manilla file folders.
I just grouped my manuals how I thought they worked best for us, labeled each folder, then stored them in the expandable file. On the front of each folder I wrote each product/manual that is inside, so you can just pull the file, and not have to search through each folder just to see what's inside. We really don't use the manuals that often for things (only when something's smoking, leaking, won't work...) so the expandable file frees up space I can use in a cabinet for other things, and can easily be tucked into a drawer or our "file storage" bin until we need it.
I broke down the files into these groups:
~ Small Kitchen Appliances
~ Large Kitchen Appliances
~ Washer & Dryer
~ Small Household Appliances
~ Small Household Electronics
~ Large Household Electronics
~ Computers
~ Outdoor Items

The warranty receipts are organized pretty much the same way as the manuals. I always make a copy of the receipt, then attach the original to the paper copy. On the copies I make sure to highlight the date of purchase, and write out exactly what we purchased, along with any important warranty information (like, 1/2/5 yr warranty).  Each of the receipts are organized into files, and labeled with what's in each folder. These files I keep in the cabinet with our more important info. We don't want these getting misplaced somewhere.

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