Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Goal - Organization

One of my goals for this year is to better organize our office.
This was one of my goals last year, and it didn't exactly work out.
Plus we bought a house and moved, which makes it harder to stay organized.

Here is the breakdown of our office :

Our office serves 2 purposes for us:
1 - it's our office
2 - it's also my closet/ dressing room.
(and 3 - catch all for everything that can't go downstairs)

In our office I have a dresser with clothes and accessories, and I use the closet as well.
Since getting pregnant I also keep my maternity clothing scattered throughout the room too.
But, we also need to use the room as an office. Not just a random catch-all room.
So I would like to get this looking a bit better and more organized.

But my number 1 issue is our filing system.
It is horrible.

Yeah - I currently have our files stored in a paper box.
Our file cabinet was broken before we moved, and it didn't get any better when we moved.
So we now just use it to hold our printer and extra supplies (paper, ink, cardstock...).
And, the box only holds our files up until we moved. Everything else is piled on the table waiting to be filed.
Which, may or may not be pointless for a lot of items now.
I do like to keep everything until I have done our taxes and know we don't need things anymore.
And there are some files I keep forever (like taxes, account records, and stuff with hubs work). 

I'm not sure how I would like to better organize everything, though. A file cabinet? Filing boxes?
A plus would be getting super organized for very little money!

Any ideas?

I've been stalking out i heart organizing.

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