Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top Secret Family Fudge

Family Secret Fudge

Whenever I set out to do a food post, I do 3 things :
* Get out the recipe/instructions
* Gather my ingredients & supplies
* Grab my camera

When I do a post, I take pictures as I make it. I don't make a special 'pretty' version just for pictures, or make 18 batches of something, to get enough perfect pictures. What you see is what we eat.
Making fudge today was no different, except my husband was home, and he knows the 'family secret' to our fudge. Yup. So he asks me:
' Are you really going to take pictures of you making fudge with the recipe off the container? '
Umm... yes.
That's my family secret. We can read.
No ... (Story time...)

Growing up, my Nini always made fudge for the holidays. No one else could make fudge, it was Nini's territory. Once she was too old to be making fudge, one of my aunts took over the fudge making, and the 'family secret'. Nobody else dared to make fudge, and if they did try, it never turned out like Nini's fudge.
So, we all assumed it was some top secret fudge recipe, only to be really known by a select few.
Until a few years ago, when Nini passed away, and I got tired of waiting around for fudge, so I said Screw it, I'll try to make some myself, and, if it's not like Nini's, oh well, I'll keep trying. And so I set out on the great fudge adventure. Luckily I got it on the first try. 
(And, I've tried other fudge versions, meh, I still like this one the best. It's like Nini's.)
As I made my first batch several years ago, my dad started telling stories of making fudge with Nini when he was little and the different jobs he had helping her.
So now, every year at the holidays, I make fudge, because it's yummy, and to remember Nini.

And, yes, I took pictures of me making family secret follow the jar fudge.

Just follow the directions on the jar (I get the "big" container - it makes more fudge).
Also, I use 12oz of milk, not 10.
And I only use 4c of sugar.
And I like to make flavors other than just chocolate.
Use silicone utensils when making fudge, they are easier to clean in the end,
and don't melt into your hot fudgey mix (don't ask how I know this).
And, use metal pans. Coat in butter and put in the fridge or freezer until you're ready for them.
(A tip my dad told me about, that he used to do. He was the butter-the-pans-boy.)

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