Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oreo Cream Pie

I'm not a fan of pie usually.  I actually only like the cream pies (like the frozen turtle pie). Yum Yum! I don't eat fruit pies, nut pies, pumpkin pies, or chicken pot-pies. I also don't like cheese cake (which, is like a pie anyway).  I'm more of an ice cream gal.

So, this year for Turkey Day I decided to make an Oreo Cream Pie.
It's a pretty idiot proof pie to make, and if you remember my apple pie,
you will see it's very similar to make.
PS - the filling itself is so good you could probably just skip the
'make into a pie' step, and just grab a spoon.

I made mine using pre-made deep dish pie crusts that just needed to be baked/cooled. You could do any type of crust you want here.
(I also baked both crusts, since I was doing 2 pies; the filling recipe is for 1 pie)

When I was looking at the pudding box, I noticed they have a recipe for a similar pie.
But, I don't like it. It's too pudding/custardy tasting. If I want pudding, I'll just make pudding.

You Need:

Pie Crust (Regular or Graham Cracker)
16oz Heavy Whipping Cream
Pudding Mix
2 tbs Confectioners’ Sugar
 (powdered sugar)
Chocolate Syrup

Hand or Stand Mixer w/ whisk attachment
( Oven & Refrigerator )

Directions :
1 – Prepare crust.
If using a preformed graham cracker crust, skip to step 2.
If using a ready-made crust, bake and cool according to package directions.
If making crust from scratch, bake and cool according to your recipe.
~ While your crust is baking/cooling, smash some cookies to use in filling ~

2 -  Make Pie Filling (Oreo Cream)
~ If you didn’t bake a crust, smash some cookies to use in your filling now ~
In large bowl combine 16oz heavy whipping cream with 2 tbs. confectioners’ sugar.
Whisk together until a thick, frothy cream is formed, just starting to form peaks
(whisking on a med-low speed works best) .
Now slowly whisk in your pudding mix, then lightly stir in your add-ins (cookies, chocolate chips, etc.). You may need to use a spoon, or your beater attachment.

3 – Fill Pie Crust
Gently scoop your filling into pie crust, lightly smooth out the top, then top your pie with additional cookies, chocolate, etc …
Refrigerate 30min – 1hour+ before serving. 

The fun thing about this pie, is that there are so many possibilities for it.
Basically any type of pie crust, any type of pudding, any type of add-ins.
You can also use food color/gel to dye the filling, and concentrated candy flavors to vanilla pudding for any flavor you want.  

Vanilla peach. Chocolate cherry. Mocha mint. Peanut Butter. mmmm....


How do I transport my pies?

Yeah, ghetto. But it works. 2 glass pie pans and some tape.
I do set it in a basket to keep it from sliding around the car too much. 

Where do I find such weird brands I cook/bake with? 

The pie crusts were a 2 pack for $1.89, and the cream 16oz for $1.89.
Both are "seasonal items" but are much cheaper than other stores. And usually in stock now.
(Walmart is almost always out of their brand whipping cream)

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