Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homemade Apple Sauce

I was hoping to hold out on an apple sauce post until further into fall, but, oh well.
It's cooled off here, soon the leaves will be changing, and I had some apples I needed to do something with,
so, we get apple sauce.
My apples came from the grocery, but hopefully later this fall I'll get to go up to the orchard and pick some apples. I loved going to the orchard with the class I used to work with, it was beautiful up there.
{If you live in Central VA - check them out: Carter Mountain Orchard }

Homemade apple sauce is pretty easy to make.
I make mine in the crock pot, but you can do it on the stove as well.
You'll need apples, cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, water and lemon juice
(or you can use apple juice, or orange juice). 

Wash your apples, peel if you'd like, remove the seeds and cube them.
Then put your apple cubes into the crock pot to cook.
(Set the crock pot on high for faster cooking, or low for an all-day cook)

 I used 5 apples (2 granny smith, 3 fuji) and added 1/2 cup of orange juice.
I also added just a dash of cinnamon. I love the smell when it's cooking.
After sitting on high for 2 hours, you get this :
(or on Low, for about 4 hours)

mmmmmmm .....
Doesn't that look yummy?!? But it's not ready yet.
Turn it down to low and let cook another hour.
Now is the time to add your cinnamon, and sugar, nutmeg, and anything else you want.
After about an hour on low, your apples should be soft enough to puree or mash into apple sauce,
or you can eat it how it is - just let it cool a bit first. 

Also, the former educator coming out:

Look at that apple seed starting to sprout.
I save my seeds to plant, in the hopes of growing my own apple trees.

Now, enjoy your apples.
And some pictures from my past visits to the orchard.

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