Saturday, August 27, 2011

What a bargain, baby!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a bargain hunter.  I love a good bargain. I don't care if I'm saving 50 cents or $5.00, I just love saving money. { Are there people who don't like to save money? }  I coupon, I clearance shop, I "free ship" stuff from Amazon, I freecycle and craigslist shop, I yard sale, and I thrift shop. {Anyone who eats at our house knows having 'name-brand' food is kinda rare, must have been a serious sale and/or coupon}
Anywho - I would love to share all of my awesome bargains and brag about all the cheap stuff (and, maybe I will start, periodically) - but it's far too much of an undertaking for tonight. And I think people would get bored quick.

Now, as any of the like 10 readers I have know (or, should know), we are expecting our first baby this winter - so, a lot of my bargain hunting has been for baby gear. Specifically gender-neutral baby gear. Which tends to be a bit hard, everything is super girly, or very boyish, or gender-neutral, but still a bit boyish or boring.  Well, one of the gender-neutral items I can buy ahead of time is a baby bath tub. Simple enough, except there's only like a gillion to choose from. I mean, really. I had a few I was thinking about, but still, it's $20-$30+ for a plastic tub to put the baby in so they aren't sitting in the kitchen sink.
Fisher-Price Whale of a Playtub             Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

This is one of the tubs I was thinking about. They make it with and without the toy bar, but it's about $25 for the 1st one on Amazon, which could score me free shipping (which, I get anyway for being part of AmazonMom).  OK - so, here's the bargain :

I bought this tub, same as above tub, without the toy bar, for 99 cents. yup! $1.05 after tax. A little bleachy cleaner and clorox with some elbow grease, and it's as good as new.  I am quite happy with this bargain.
Although, my best bargain so far is getting our baby stroller for free.

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  1. Wow Amy! And I thought I got good bargains! I should take lessons from you. :-) Congrats (again) on the baby and happy shopping!!! :-)


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