Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An un-wanted visitor

Everyone in my family has some wildlife critter they love. I like all the critters, but I especially like (most) birds. Sure, they nest in your trees and poop on your car - but, they're pretty good otherwise, and they sound pretty. {Side note : I don't like black birds, crows, vultures ... you know, the ugly birds}

I have been leaving out a dish of sunflower seeds for my little cardinal couple to snack from, since cardinals love sunflower seeds, and I enjoy having them on my deck to snack. However, something must have tipped off Mr. Squirrel to the free food supply. Now, I don't mind squirrels, as long as they are nice to my bird friends, and don't chew anything on my car - we're cool. Hubby, however, calls squirrels rodents with bushy tails, and considers them to be the rats of woodland critters. He views them as evil little things, and doesn't want me encouraging them to hang around our house (aka: stop feeding them). I've only seen Mr. Squirrel once on the back deck, and my presence didn't stop him from filling up, he was quite comfy snacking.

Now, please ignore the audio (Or, just mute your computer) - I held my hand over the mic/speaker so you wouldn't hear our TV noise in the background.

I also got to see the Cardinal Couple eating together for once. They are so cute!

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