Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Cardinal Couple

Sine we live in the country, and have woods, we have tons of furry critters around our house. Birds, squirrels, snakes and lizards. I've seen a few chipmunks, and I'm sure there are some deer somewhere. But, my favorites are this cute little cardinal couple who hang out behind our house. I keep a bird feeder on my back deck, and the cute little cardinal couple spends lots of time there. They hardly ever eat together though - one will eat while the other keeps watch, then they switch places. Today I did see Dad bird eat, then take Momma bird some seeds while she was keeping watch.  I'm not sure if they have a bird family or not (they're the only cardinals I've seen), but I call them Dad and Momma bird anyway. 

Daddy bird

Momma bird

They were just out there eating while I was typing this up. How cute :)

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