Friday, June 17, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Part 1

My friend Teresa invited me to participate in a 30 day photo challenge, So, I thought I would give it a try. I'm going to do 5 a week, then post all 5 at the end of the week (thus allowing me to "take off" on weekends, and not feel like a slacker if I forget a day).  I'm going to follow the challenge on White Peach Photography Teresa recommended. I'm also going to 'try' to not edit any pictures (note: 'try' meaning, may not actually succeed) So, here are my first five :

Day 1 - Self Portrait
Note: Guest Bath - Work in Progress

Day 2 - What you wore Today.
This top.
With Jeans, Chucks, and some jewelry.

Day 3 - Clouds
From my back deck

Day 4 - Something Green

Day 5 - From a High Angle

If I wasn't feeling so lazy,  I would have done something creative for today (day 5), but, I'm feeling lazy, so ...
Oh - and, I'm taking "fresh" pictures for this challenge, not recycling ones I've already taken before. I don't do too much else during the day, how hard can one picture a day be? 

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  1. Hey Amy! Thanks for stopping by the letter 4! Your blog is so cute and your pictures are AMAZING! Glad we are blog buddies now. :) -Jade


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