Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ugh - April?

So, it's April. And I suck at blogging. Neither of these should come as a surprise to anyone. I'm not finding blogging to be as stress-relieving as I thought it would be. Probably because the number 1 source of stress to me, is something I'm not going to blog about (or, well, really talk about). So - I will blog about other things.
So, it's after the end of March ... and .... we still don't have a house. Maybe the end of April? Maybe? (please oh please, the end of April!) ... We've been dealing with a bunch (and bunch and bunch) of bank junk. Getting a simple home loan shouldn't be this complicated or take this long - yet, if you're young, and have super-little debt - they make it so much harder for you. I'm sorry we believe in a debt-free lifestyle. Our bad.
So, I guess we just get another month of waiting around, and deciding on big house decisions. Like flooring and paint colors and where my garden should go :) . Yup. Garden. I've been working on starting my seeds, so that by the time we 'move' I will have little sprouts I can plant. Tomatoes, Peppers, Melons, Squash, Corn, Flowers - I'm trying an assortment of things. But no root veggies or Lettuce. I'm not sure how easy those are to grow. Any advice on those??   And, any house suggestions? :) We're going to need all the advice and help we can get. Just good advice and help though :-P On the bright side, I've started (slowly) packing up the things we're not going to be needing. I also don't have room to store the things I'm boxing up. Dilemma.

Hmmm ... I also started "exercising" today. Yeah, random day to start. We got this Wii game for exercising (not wii-fit) that I did : 15 min Cardio, 15 min Yoga, then went for a 20min walk at the park. Felt pretty good to get up and moving around. It also made me feel like a lard-butt : I could barely keep up with the game, and it was on easy :(  Oh well, I know I will get better in time. And this aching in my legs will eventually subside. Tomorrow will be an easy day - 15 mins and a walk hopefully, after my orthodontist appointment.

I haven't done any good crafting in awhile. We've been dealing with house stuff and such - I just haven't felt like doing much. My americana quilt is just sitting in the dinning room, waiting for the other half to be pieced, so I can bind it and be done. 3 baby blankets are just waiting for top-stitching so I can put them on ArtFire, but I have 0 motivation there too. I'd love to make a ton more, and sell at a craft show sometime, if anyone would actually buy them.

I wanted to leave you with something awesome, and I was going to link to a cool Easter project (it involves glitter) but instead .... there is this :
Household Binder : IHeartOrganizing  a wonderful family organizer. It makes me want to reorganize everything.

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