Tuesday, March 1, 2011

17052 TRAPPERS Ln, ORANGE, VA 22960 | MLS# OR7426419

17052 TRAPPERS Ln, ORANGE, VA 22960 | MLS# OR7426419

This is the house we're hoping to buy. The house that has been causing us so much stress. The house that we are happily looking forward to making our own. Painting it. Carpeting It. Landscaping It. Decorating It. Making it ours :) However, we first have to buy it. Our offer was accepted, and now ... we wait ... for closing ... at the end of March (hopefully)!!!. And then, hubby and I, will join all the happy, yet stressed, homeowners.
Things are a lot more money than we thought they would be. Closing costs. Buying Carpet, Laminate, and Paint. Plus labor. The crazy amount you end up paying on your house after 30 years with interest (uhh... about double what your loan is for). Buying a house sucks up way too much money. However, what do you think? Does our little house have potential? What are your ideas?

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