Friday, January 21, 2011

Frustrations ....

Everybody has them. Those little things that annoy them. Whether they be things others do, or things we ourselves do, they are none the less frustrating.
I am one to procrastinate. Such as with sitting down to write this blog. Which, this is the only tab I have open on my computer right now, so blog, you are getting my full attention briefly ... (a piece of paper next to me with the names of dead people is calling out to me however...). Another one of my shortcomings is how easily frustrated I become. Just the slightest things can upset me sometimes. Sometimes it's generally nothing, an a one time deal, from a bigger issue. Other times it's things that are just plain annoying. Such as:
~ When people don't use turn signals. I am not a mind reader. I don't know where you are going. Stop being lazy (or get off the phone) and use that arm to flip on your signals.
~ When people drive bad because of the phone. If you can't drive and use the phone, then don't do both. Being on the phone doesn't excuse your erratic nut-job driving.
~ People who get in the way in the grocery, because of the phone. If your shopping, stop talking. If you had to call home to remember what you needed, make a list next time.
And, I hate seeing kids with cell phones. I didn't get a phone until college. And I shared it with my mom. No 10 yr old needs a phone. And, if your kid needs a phone so you can keep track of them, perhaps you should step-up and start being a parent. And, take the phone and tell your kid to go outside and play.
As you can tell, cell phones bug the crap out of me. Seriously. The day they require phones with keyboards and make us have that internet crap will be the day I get rid of my phone. Call me old school, but a phone is for making phone calls. Not checking e-mail, surfing the web, starting your car, and what not.
I think we live in a society with too much dependence on computer technology. Kids can't do anything themselves, they expect a computer to do it for them. Why do research at the Library in an encyclopedia, when you can google it? Why work out my math homework, when my blackberry will do it for me? Why go outside to play when I can play on the computer?

Now, things other then technology bother me too. And, technology isn't all evil. I do enjoy my computer. But it's about all the technology I can handle. I can e-mail and blog. Check craft sites and do genealogy. That's enough for me. A lot of the other things that bother me, are more personal type things. When people try to tell me what the feel or believe. When people ask none of their business type questions. And other things only concerning myself.

I can't remember where this blog was going anymore. It did have a point when I started. I will throw out that I had to go into Wal-mart today, which is where half of this frustration probably came from.

So, I will leave you with some of the lyrics to a song I happen to love, that was used in a show I happen to love as well. I know of only a few friends who can name this song and show it was in.

" I want to live in a house
Surrounded by snow and birds and wood and stars
And all along the front of the stage
There'll be fairy lights as bright as any city light

I was lost in the nighttime
How am I a stranger to you when we're friends?
I'm young and I made awful mistakes
You're older and you do the same. ..."

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